How much does drip irrigation cost in Nigeria?

How much does drip irrigation cost in Nigeria

How much does drip irrigation cost in Nigeria? The price of drip tape in Nigeria varies from one seller to the other. There are drip tapes with good quality; there are also drip tapes that are sub-standard

A typical 2000 metres drip tape roll in Nigeria is sold for N50,000 – N80,000 depending on quality.

The cheap drip tapes in Nigeria are mostly sub-standard; they get clogged easily and do not last long. There are several cases of farmers buying low quality drip tapes because of their cheap prices but after a few weeks, they get damaged and unusable.

What is the cost of drip irrigation per acre?

The cost of drip irrigation per acre varies from ₦250,000 – ₦1 million depending on the type and quality of drip irrigation kits you want

Irrigation firms like Netafilm sells some of their drip irrigation kits for as high as ₦800,000 per acre Deejoft  sells its own drip irrigation kits for between ₦150,000 – ₦250,000

 Why is drip irrigation bad?

The costs of establishing the network are high and may not be available to many farmers

– Many problems in these networks with clogging points and the need to replace damaged hoses for various reasons, so you need technical and trained labor.

-The problems of salt accumulation, especially in the case of trees and around the edges of the surrounding irrigation rings, which requires the need to scrape this layer from time to time to get rid of harmful salts.

-The possibility of clogging the dots with dirt, salt and algae, especially when using the water of lakes and rivers.

-Sprinklers are clogged by tiny vents from soil particles, chemicals, fertilizers or organic matter.

 Damage to plastic pipes caused by rodents

 Uniformity of water distribution due to height differences in uneven fields

Possible salt accumulation in the root zone of crops between two irrigation cycles

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